About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce to you a glimpse about our Bookshop.

Since 1964 our bookshop was founded in heart of Tyre, making it the first considerable bookshop in region.

And with a focus on the credibility and responsible service to our customers, we grew up with conservation on solid confidence for our both retail and wholesale customers who covered the most bookshops, municipalities, schools, hospitals, international associations in both kaza of Tyre and Bent Jbeil.

We continued progress; in 1996 our bookshop opened a new retail branch at Al-Bawaba, Main Street. And in 2012 we opened our new 400m2 showroom with very attractive decoration making it for most of visitors the best one between bookshops in Lebanon.

What We Offer

About 60 years ago, Itihad Bookshop was established in Tyre And it is still at the forefront of the leading bookstores in Lebanon, preserving its solid credibility and distinguished service in providing the widest options for different tastes, taking into account quality standards and always at the most affordable price. Our policy on items, prices and service:
1- Quality: All the items available with us are guaranteed of quality, and we do not adopt counterfeit items, but we provide alternative items at a reasonable price when needed.
2- Price: The strength of our relationship with all suppliers of fabrics and companies puts us in a position of confidence so that we can secure the goods for you at a better price.
3- Accordingly, our prices are guaranteed, and therefore all you have to do is inform us of any discrepancy if it occurs in order to be compensated immediately (the same item during the same time period)
4- Assortment: We put our capabilities in your hands to order any of the items that you need if they are not ready and as soon as possible.
5- Service: Our staff will meet your requests as soon as possible and welcome you to the sales hall.

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